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Of or pertaining to the study of the measurement, properties, and relationships of quantities and sets, using numbers and symbols.

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indefinite quadratic form

Mathematics; General mathematics

A quadratic form over an ordered field F , which represents both positive and negative elements. If every positive number in F is a square (for example, if F = R ), then an ...

hyperbolic transformation

Mathematics; General mathematics

A linear fractional function f(z)=\frac{az+b}{cz+d} where a, b, c, and d are complex constants with {ad-bc}\neq 0 has a pair of fixed points which are not necessarily ...

independent linear equations

Mathematics; General mathematics

A system of linear equations in which deleting any equation would lead to the expansion of the solution set.

implicit enumeration method of integer programming

Mathematics; General mathematics

A method for solving zero-one linear programming problems by assigning selected values to some of the variables. If the solution of the resulting linear program is either ...

linear equations

Mathematics; General mathematics

A linear equation is any equation with two expressions set equal to each other. A linear equation is special because it has one or two variables and no variable is raised to a ...


Mathematics; General mathematics

The process used to construct the field of fractions from an integral domain, i.e. a ring with no non-zero zero divisors. For example, the construction of the rational numbers ...

locally convex topological space

Mathematics; General mathematics

A topological vector space with a basis for its topology and whose members are convex.