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Medical; Histology

The case history of a medical patient as recalled by the patient.


Anatomy; Histology

A long, thin body part with a compound eye on its tip. The eye stalk are found in crustaceans, as crabs.


Anatomy; Histology

The scientific study of the human tissues that made up living things. In histology, plant and animal tissues are studied.

angiotensin I-converting enzyme

Medical; Histology

Circulating enzyme that participates in the body's renin-angiotensin system (RAS), which mediates extracellular volume (i.e. that of the blood plasma, lymph and interstitial ...

french encephalitis

Medical; Histology

An endemic encephalitis occurring chiefly in Western Europe that is transmitted by ticks.

A cell

Medical; Histology

A kind of cells secretes glucagon, located in pancreas.

B cell

Medical; Histology

A kind of cells secretes insulin, located in pancreas.