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progression-free survival

Medical; Medical research

Sopravvivenza libera da progressione. E' l'intervallo di tempo che intercorre tra l'avvio del trattamento la progressione della malattia o la morte del soggetto.

T-DM1 Herceptin

Medical; Medical research

T-DM1 is an experimental treatment method to deliver new classes of cancer drugs that may be more effective and less toxic than currently existing treatments. The treatment ...


Medical; Medical research

A drug used to treat or prevent a disease that is caused by bacteria or other germs that cause disease.


Medical; Medical research

Scottish scientist who discovered penicillin in 1928. He was born in 1881 and died in 1928.

bath salts

Medical; Medical research

The generic name given to drugs that are unlabelled and unknown, yet still bought and ingested by drug abusers. Bath salts have become a hot topic since the "zombie face eater" ...


Medical; Medical research

British scientist who explained the structure of hormone insulin in 1955. He made it possible to make insulin in laboratories.


Medical; Medical research

English doctor who was the first person to demonstrate how the heart works and how blood circulates through the human body.