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Medical devices

Any instrument, appliance or machine that facilitates the prevention,diagnosis and treatment of illness, physical or mental injury, by a medical professional.

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brain pacemaker

Medical devices; Implants & interventional materials

Tiny implants that produce stimulation deep inside the brain to block the tremors of Parkinson's disease. Deep brain stimulation, or DBS, uses tiny electrical jolts from a ...

mechanical augmentation

Medical devices; Implants & interventional materials

The process of adding mechanical additions to a person's body in order to enhance their physical abilities. Modern day augmentation is limited, and is mostly used for treating ...

gastric band

Medical devices; Implants & interventional materials

The gastric band is an inflatable silicone device that is surgically fitted around the upper part of the stomach to treat obesity. It is a laparoscopic procedure that is usually ...

instructions for use

Biotechnology; Biochemistry

"a manual usually accompanying a technical device and explaining how to install or operate it" Essential Requirements - Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC - Annex I, 13.1: Each ...


Biotechnology; Biochemistry

description a statement presenting something in words, from verb describe


Biotechnology; Diseases

In medicine, an indication is a valid reason to use a certain test, medication, procedure, or surgery. The opposite of indication is contraindication.


Biotechnology; Diseases

A contraindication (pronounced as contra-indication) is a condition or factor that speaks against a certain measure. It is mostly used in medicine, with regard to factors that ...