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Medical; Illness

Fatty substance that is produced by animals and plants and is important for digestion and normal cell activity.

acquired immune deficiency syndrome

Medical; Illness

A disease that is caused by the virus known as HIV. This virus attacks the body's immune system and makes it hard to fight off infections from other germs as bacteria.

attention deficit disprder

Medical; Illness

A condition in which a person finds it hard to pay attention and tends to act without thinking.


Medical; Illness

A condition of the eye in which the curve of the cornea or lens is uneven. In astigmatism, light coming into the eye is not focused properly on the retina.


Medical; Illness

A disease that is caused by too little vitamin B1(thiamine) in the diet. It causes damage to the nerves and blood vessels.


Medical; Illness

A disease in which the cells in a part of the body become abnormal and multiply without stopping.

common cold

Medical; Illness

An infection of the nose and throat that is caused by a virus. Sneezing, coughing, and fever are symptoms of the cold.