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Medical; Illness

A disease that affects the mammals, is caused by a virus, and causes damage to the brain and nerves.


Medical; Illness

A disease that is caused by too little vitamin D in the diet. Rickets usually affects children.


Medical; Illness

A condition or illness that is related to the pain in backbone. It can be treated with creams, ointments and other bandages.


Medical; Illness

A period of time when the signs of a disease, such as cancer, go away is called as remission.


Medical; Illness

A condition that keeps the body from functioning normally; an illness or sickness is termed as disease.


Medical; Illness

A disease in which a person has fever, swollen glands, and a membrane that forms in the throat and makes breathing difficult.


Medical; Illness

A learning disability that interferes with a person's ability to read and understand written words and numbers.