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Medical; Stem cell research

the process by which stem cells acquire the features of specialized adult cells such as those found in heart, brain and pancreatic tissue.


Medical; Stem cell research

Engagement in a programme leading to differentiation. For a stem cell, this means it no longer retains the ability to self-renew.


Medical; Stem cell research

To create a copy. “Therapeutic cloning” creates a line of stem cells genetically identical to the originating cell for use in research. “Reproductive cloning” creates an organism ...

clonal analysis

Medical; Stem cell research

Investigation of properties of single cells. Essential for formal demonstration of self-renewal and potency.

clinical trial

Medical; Stem cell research

A research study in human subjects to answer specific questions about vaccines or new therapies or new ways of using known treatments. Clinical trials are used to determine ...

clinical translation

Medical; Stem cell research

The process of turning scientific knowledge into approved medical treatments, through a series of carefully controlled research and approval steps.


Medical; Stem cell research

The early divisions of the fertilized egg.