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cell replacement therapy

Medical; Stem cell research

Reconstitution of tissue by functional incorporation of transplanted stem-cell progeny. Distinct from 'bystander' trophic, anti-inflammatory or immunomodulatory effects of ...

cell line

Medical; Stem cell research

A population of cells all carrying the same genes, grown in the laboratory through many cycles of growth and division over many generations of cells.

cancer-initiating cell

Medical; Stem cell research

Cell that can produce a new cancer upon transplantation. A key property of a cancer stem cell.

cell culture

Medical; Stem cell research

The growth of cells in a laboratory dish for experimental research. The cells are grown in a solution, or medium, that contains nutrients and growth factors. Different factors can ...

cancer stem cell

Medical; Stem cell research

Self-renewing cell responsible for sustaining a cancer and for producing differentiated progeny that form the bulk of the cancer. Cancer stem cells identified in leukaemias and ...

asymmetric division

Medical; Stem cell research

Cell division resulting in two daughter cells with different properties. Observed in some but not all stem cells and can occur in other types of progenitor cell.


Medical; Stem cell research

An early stage embryo of about 100 cells that has not yet implanted into the womb. The blastocyst is a sphere made up of an outer layer of cells, a fluid-filled cavity and cluster ...