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Of or pertaining to any element, compound or alloy that conducts both heat and electricity.

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reverberatory furnace

Metals; Iron

Type of coal fired furnace in which the flame and gases passes across the top of the enclosed hearth, heat being reflected down onto the hearth proper. The principle advantage of ...

pig iron

Metals; Iron

The name used for the iron directly produced from a blast furnace. Originally cast into 'pigs' around the base of the furnace, lasted casting machines were developed to produce ...


Metals; Iron

Metallic Element - Symbol = Fe; Atomic Number = 26; Atomic Weight = 55.847; Specific Gravity (Solid) = 7.85; Melting Point = 1533°C; Boiling Point = ...

iron ore

Metals; Iron

Form in which iron occurs naturally. Ores are primarily iron and oxygen but may include phosphorous and other elemens. Before the development of the basic Bessemer process, only ...

forge welding or fire welding

Metals; Iron

The first process by which separate pieces of iron were joined together into a single piece. The process is still used by blacksmiths to join wrought iron and mild steel. Unlike ...

helve hammer

Metals; Iron

Name given to the heavier types of water powered forging hammer. The helve is the main beam of the hammer pivoted at the tail end, with the hammer head or tup at the nose. Helve ...

blister steel

Metals; Iron

First type of steel that was commercially produced. Process took place in a cementation furnace and produced a bar that had a high carbon content on the surface and a low carbon ...