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Of or pertaining to any element, compound or alloy that conducts both heat and electricity.

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finery and chafery

Metals; Iron

Two stage process that was developed from the Bloomery process

electric arc furnace

Metals; Iron

Since the second World War, this has been the standard furnace for melting steel in large quantities. Typical Capacities are 80 to 120 Tonnes. They were generally used as direct ...

drop hammer

Metals; Iron

A forging hammer that drops vertically onto the work piece. Usually relying on a powered cylinder to lift the hammer head and then adding to the force of the downward stroke. ...

crucible steel

Metals; Iron

High quality steel created by melting blister steel in a covered crucible using a coal fire. After the slag was removed, the resulting steel had consistent properties throughout. ...

cementation furnace

Metals; Iron

A furnace (more of a kiln) in which wrought iron bars and charcoal were heated for up to two weeks, until the carbon had been absorbed into the surface of the iron. The resulting ...

cast iron

Metals; Iron

Iron with a high carbon content (above 2%). Identical, in most cases, to pig iron, it is easily cast to almost any shape and melts at a lower temperature to other type of iron and ...

carbon steel or mild steel

Metals; Iron

Most common and generally useful form of steel. Contains 0.3% of carbon.