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Of or pertaining to any element, compound or alloy that conducts both heat and electricity.

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Metals; Steel

The cutting of holes into carbon steel beams or plates by pressing or welding per customer specifications.

quick basic oxygen process (Q-BOP)

Metals; Steel

Modified basic oxygen furnace in which the oxygen and other gases are blown in from the bottom, rather than from the top. While the Q-BOP stirs the metal bath more vigorously, ...

qualification trials

Metals; Steel

The testing required for a new process adopted to make certain grades of steel with exacting end uses. In order for the process to become qualified, the steel made by the process ...

quench hardening

Metals; Steel

A process of hardening a ferrous alloy of suitable composition by heating within or above the transformation range and cooling at a rate sufficient to increase the hardness ...

reducing agent

Metals; Steel

Either natural gas or coal can be used to remove the oxygen from iron ore in order to produce a scrap substitute. In gas-based processes, the iron ore is heated in a vessel as ...

refractory brick

Metals; Steel

Heat-resistant brick. Because its melting point is well above the operating temperatures of the process, refractory bricks line most steelmaking vessels that come in contact with ...

reinforcing bar

Metals; Steel

A commodity-grade steel used to strengthen concrete in highway and building construction.