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GR point

Military; Vietnam War

Graves registration point. That place on a military base where the identification, embalming and processing of dead soldiers takes place as part of the operations of the ...


Military; Vietnam War

The person who wins your lover or spouse away while you are in the Nam. From the marching song or cadence count, "Ain't no use in goin' home / Jody's got your girl and gone / ...

Military Assistance Command / Vietnam (MACV)

Military; Vietnam War

The main American military command unit that had responsibility for and authority over all U.S. military activities in Vietnam. Based at Tan Son Nhut.

strategic hamlet program

Military; Vietnam War

A controversial pacification and village self-defense program implemented by the Diem government that attempted to turn all sixteen thousand South Vietnamese hamlets into ...


Military; Vietnam War

A drop or reduction in time in service. A soldier with 150 days or less remaining on his active duty commitment when he DEROSed from Vietnam also ETSed from the army under the ...

Can Lao

Military; Vietnam War

The powerful semisecret political party of the Diem government headed by Ngo Dinh Nhu, Diem's brother. It permeated the entire administrative, intelligence, and defense structures ...

water taxi

Military; Vietnam War

Small engine-powered boat with a sheltered passenger compartment. These native craft plied the major canals and rivers of Vietnam and provided a means of transportation from one ...