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john wayne

Military; Vietnam War

A can opener. Also used as a verb to describe the actions of someone who exposes himself to danger. For an example of what some GIs though of John Wayne, see Robert Flynn's essay, ...

reconnaissance in force (RIF)

Military; Vietnam War

A heavy reconnaissance patrol. Later, RIF came to mean reduction in force; an administrative mechanism for retiring career soldiers prior to the end of their twenty year term.

Regional and Popular Forces (RF/PF)

Military; Vietnam War

The South Vietnamese National Guard-type units. Regional Forces were company-size and protected district areas. Popular Forces were platoon-size and guarded their home villages.


Military; Vietnam War

Single-strand barbed wire strung in a meshwork pattern at about ankle height. A barrier designed to make it difficult to cross the obstructed area by foot. Usually placed around ...

District Mobile Company

Military; Vietnam War

The major Viet Cong fighting unit organized within each district in Vietnam. The District Mobile Company was assigned to carry out various assignments from direct offensive ...

harassment and interdiction (H&I)

Military; Vietnam War

Artillery bombardments used to deny the enemy terrain which they might find beneficial to their campaign; general rather than specific, confirmed military targets; random ...


Military; Vietnam War

Handshake and greeting which may last up to ten minutes and is characterized by the use of both hands and often comprised of slaps and snaps of the fingers. Used by black ...