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Viet Nam Quoc Dan Dang (VNQDD)

Military; Vietnam War

The Nationalist Party of Vietnam. A non-Communist movement formed in 1926, based on the doctrines of Sun Yat-sen. The VNQDD conducted the Yen Bai uprising in 1930, which began the ...


Military; Vietnam War

A Vietnamese term for several tribes of mountain people inhabiting the hills and mountains of central and northern Vietnam.

combat infantry badge (CIB)

Military; Vietnam War

And Army award for being under enemy fire in a combat zone, worn on both fatigues and dress uniforms.


Military; Vietnam War

Amphibious armored vehicle used to transport troops and supplies, armed with a .30-caliber machine gun. The Marines used them.


Military; Vietnam War

Tribespeople of Chinese origin, from the highlands of North Vietnam. Some who moved South worked with the U.S. Special Forces.

SP pack

Military; Vietnam War

Cellophane packet containing toiletries and cigarettes which was sometimes given along with C-rations to soldiers in the field.

signal Operating Instructions (SOI)

Military; Vietnam War

The booklet that contained all of the call signals and radio frequencies of the units in Vietnam.