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Related to the production, distribution and appreciation of music in any genre or style.

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Music; General music

Biblical text on the words of the Virgin Mary, sung polyphonically in church from the Renaissance on.


Music; General music

Central service of the Roman Catholic Church.


Music; General music

Acronym for musical instrument digital interface; technology standard that allows networking of computers with electronic musical instruments.


Music; General music

Late medieval German poet-musicians.


Music; General music

Acronym for music television, a cable channel that presents non-stop music videos.

musique concrète

Music; General music

Music made up of natural sounds and sound effects that are recorded and then manipulated electronically.

New Orleans jazz

Music; General music

Early jazz style characterized by multiple improvisations in an ensemble of cornet (or trumpet), clarinet (or saxophone), trombone, piano, string bass (or tuba), banjo (or guitar) ...