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Related to the production, distribution and appreciation of music in any genre or style.

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da capo

Music; Classical

In sheet music, an instruction to repeat the beginning of the piece before stopping on the final chord.


Music; Classical

Passage for the entire ensemble or orchestra without a soloist.


Music; Classical

Originally, a setting of an extended religious narrative (and since c1800, nonreligious ones as well) for vocal soloists, chorus and orchestra, intended for concert or church ...

deceptive cadence

Music; Classical

A chord progression that seems to lead to resolving itself on the final chord; but does not.


Music; Classical

See serialism.


Music; Classical

Tones used to embellish the principal melodic tone.


Music; Classical

Dull, monotonous tone such as a humming or buzzing sound. Also a bass note held under a melody.