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Related to the production, distribution and appreciation of music in any genre or style.

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Music; Classical

Liturgical music, based on existing plainsong,, used to set prose; the earliest genre of medieval polyphonic music.


Music; Classical

A style of light, often occasion-specific, instrumental music arranged in several movements; especially popular in the mid to late 18th century.


Music; Classical

Italian for 'realism'; originally a type of 19th century Italian opera which depicted and centered on characters who were socially marginal, often the lower classes.


Music; Classical

First developed in the 8th century, methods of writing music.


Music; Classical

A small ensemble for playing and/or singing music composed before c1700, or adjective describing the music (usually with parts for viols and solo voices).


Music; Classical

Rapid alternation between notes that are a half tone or whole tone apart.


Music; Classical

An extended solo, often accompanying the vocal part of an aria.