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continuo (basso continuo)

Music; Classical

A set of chords continuously underliying the melody in a piece of baroque music; the instruments playing the continuo, usually cello plus harpsichord or organ.


Music; Classical

A composition written for three voices and instruments performed by three persons.


Music; Classical

Eight full tones above the key note where the scale begins and ends.


Music; Classical

Bass line accompaniment by two or more instruments in which one instrument (cello, bassoon, etc.) plays the bass line and the second (usually keyboard) fills in harmonies above ...

trio sonata

Music; Classical

A chamber music form for two featured instruments and continuo accompaniment; especially popular in the 17th and 18th centuries.


Music; Classical

A sign in very early manuscripts indicating pitch.


Music; Classical

One who directs a group of performers. The conductor indicates the tempo, phrasing, dynamics, and style by gestures and facial expressions.