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Of or pertaining to any organisation, agency or person engaged in the business of selling news to the public.

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The Daily

Printing & publishing; Newspaper

The Daily is an e-newspaper published by News Corp for the Apple iPad. Unlike traditional newspapers, The Daily takes advantage of iPad's interactive and online features offering ...


News service; Newspaper

Newspaper is a publication issued at regular and usually close intervals, especially daily or weekly, commonly containing news, comment and features.

letters to the editor

Printing & publishing; Newspaper

Letters from readers - they appear in the letters to the editor portion of the op-ed section of the newspaper.


Printing & publishing; Newspaper

A news story that no other reporter has discovered yet! Every reporter wants to be the first one to write about a big story. When they do, they are said to have "scooped" their ...


Printing & publishing; Newspaper

A colloquial (a disparaging slang) term for a newspaper.

supporting paragraphs

Printing & publishing; Newspaper

Paragraphs following the lead; these paragraphs go into more detail about the topic, often including quotes and interesting facts. The less important information should appear ...


Printing & publishing; Newspaper

The owner of a newspaper who oversees normal business operations involving reporters to editorial and advertising.