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Non-profit organizations

Abbreviated as NGO, and also known as not-for-profit organisation; an organisation that does not distribute its surplus capital to shareholders or owners, but instead uses them to pursue its original goals.They are usually exempt from income and property tax and most often include charitable organisations, trade unions and public arts organisations.

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Stunting children are too short for their age. Stunting is a consequence (or adaptation strategy) to chronic children malnutrition and/or repeated acute infections.


Non-profit organizations; Advocacy

Wasting means being dangerously underweight as a consequence of loss of fat and muscle mass. Wasting is usually caused by low nutrient intake and loss of nutrients due to illness.


Non-profit organizations; Advocacy

In humanitarian response, protection refers to the role of agencies in ensuring respect for and fulfilment of the rights articulated in the Humanitarian Charter, including access ...

internally displaced person

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Internally displaced persons (IDPs) are those who have left their residence by reasons of real or imagined danger but, unlike refugees, have not crossed any international borders.

implementing partner

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An operational partner, usually a national non-for-profit organization, who signs an agreement and receives funds to realize a project or some of its components.

food security

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A population is food secure when all people, at all times, have physical, social, and economic access to sufficient, safe, and nutritious food. Dietary needs and food preferences ...

core standards

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In humanitarian aid, core standards are a set of qualitative standards common to all the sectors of intervention. The six core standards defined by the Sphere Project are: ...