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Non-profit organizations

Abbreviated as NGO, and also known as not-for-profit organisation; an organisation that does not distribute its surplus capital to shareholders or owners, but instead uses them to pursue its original goals.They are usually exempt from income and property tax and most often include charitable organisations, trade unions and public arts organisations.

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commodity distribution

Non-profit organizations; Advocacy

A commodity distribution is an event aimed at delivering goods to the intended recipients of humanitarian aid. Distribution must be fair, and commodities handed over according to ...

nutritional assessment

Non-profit organizations; Advocacy

A nutritional assessment is a process aimed at establishing the extent of malnutrition in recipients of humanitarian aid. It should be conducted by expert nutritionists and should ...

non-food items

Non-profit organizations; Advocacy

Non-food items (NFIs) literally means items other than food and is an expression used to identify commodities distributed during humanitarian emergencies. NFIs typically include ...

general feeding program

Non-profit organizations; Advocacy

General feeding programs foresee the distribution of exactly the same general ration to everyone in the population, irrespective of age or sex. General feeding programs include ...

aid worker

Non-profit organizations; Advocacy

An aid worker (or humanitarian worker) is a person working for a local or international organization providing material and technical assistance in a humanitarian relief context.

selective feeding programs

Non-profit organizations; Advocacy

Selective feeding programmes provide extra food for the malnourished and at-risk groups in addition to the general ration.

family tracing and reunification

Non-profit organizations; Advocacy

Family tracing and reunification are services provided by humanitarian organizations with the scope of helping victims of family separations during large scale population ...