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Any business that provides its subscribers with a wide variety of data transmitted over telecommunications lines, an infrastructure in which they can communicate with one another as well as the means to connect with an almost unlimited number of third-party information providers.

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Cuánto cabrón

Online services; Internet

Cuánto cabrón is a web site very popular in Spain and South America, which selects the best rage comics with determined memes sent by the users every day.


Telecommunications; Internet

n telecommunications and computing, bitrate (sometimes written bit rate, data rate or as a variable R or fb) is the number of bits that are conveyed or processed per unit of ...

unique visitors

Advertising; New media advertising

those individuals who visited a Web site at least once in a fixed time frame. The time frame calculated is typically the period of a month.


Online services; Internet

Inbound links pointing to a web page on your site, either from pages on other domains or from other pages of your own site. The Honey Pot

button ad

Advertising; New media advertising

Button ad is a graphical advertising unit, smaller than a banner ad.


Online services; Internet

Blog is a repeated, chronological publication of personal thoughts and Web links.


Advertising; New media advertising

The amount of time a user spends at a site over a given time period. Often measured by the minute per month or by the page view