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The study of the truths and principles of being, knowledge, or conduct.

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Philosophy; General philosophy

A (logical) language is said to be decidable if and only if all of its theorems (or logical truths) can be shown to be true through a finite mechanical procedure. Propositional ...


Philosophy; General philosophy

A sentence proposition, thought or judgment is contingent if it is true of this actual world, though it is not true in all possible worlds. Some philosophers claim that ...


Philosophy; General philosophy

Kant believed that when reason goes beyond possible experience it often falls into various antinomies, or equally rational but contradictory views. Reason cannot here play the ...


Philosophy; General philosophy

A (logical) language is said to be complete if and only if all the formulas in the language that must be true (in any world in which the axioms of the language are true) can be ...

Hume’s argument against causation

Philosophy; General philosophy

How can know that (sensory event) A is the cause of some (sensory event) B? Since A and B are distinguishable, we do not think of one being the cause of the other until, through ...