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The study of the truths and principles of being, knowledge, or conduct.

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Philosophy; General philosophy

Relating to the grounds of possible experience e.g. Kant thought that most of our pure rational knowledge is synthetic or priori, or transcendental. Thus Kant believed that ...


Philosophy; General philosophy

Going beyond any possible experience as opposed to immanent.


Philosophy; General philosophy

A teleological ethics is one that claims that it is the consequences (or goals-fostered-by) of actions that determine their moral worth. Mill’s utilitarianism (“act so as to ...

traditional logic

Philosophy; General philosophy

Traditional logic was first developed by Aristotle and systematized (somewhat differently) by the medieval school persons. It was thought to be all there was to logic by most ...


Philosophy; General philosophy

The characterization, for a natural or artificial, language of relations between sentences such as sameness in meaning, semantic consequences (i.e. That if one sentence is true, ...


Philosophy; General philosophy

A non-atomic, or molecular, proposition that is true no matter what the assignment of truth value to the atomic propositions that it contains. Example: “p or not-p”. This ...