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The study of the truths and principles of being, knowledge, or conduct.

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Philosophy; General philosophy

The characterization, for a natural or artificial, language or relationships between sentences, the world, and the situation of speaker and hearer. Pragmatics is particularly ...


Philosophy; General philosophy

The view that immediate experience (sensations, thoughts, etx. ) is all there might be to reality. B. Russell for example, often took the phenomenalist view that talk about the ...


Philosophy; General philosophy

A philosophic movement that originated around the turn of the century on the Continent (see Husserl’s Cartesian Meditations for example). This movement -- like Russell, G. E. ...


Philosophy; General philosophy

Sentences (or utterances) that serve more to do (than describe) something. Typically, these sentences are in the first person present noncontinuous, with a main verb that ...


Philosophy; General philosophy

A sentence, proposition thought, or judgement is necessary if it is true of any possible world. Some philosophers (e.g. A. J. Ayer) maintain that the truths of logic and ...


Philosophy; General philosophy

An operator (i.e. Something which if added to one or more propositions makes a (molecular) proposition) is non-truth-functional if and only if the truth value of a proposition in ...


Philosophy; General philosophy

A term for those 20th century philosophers who wish to revive aspects of rationalism. Specifically, maintaining mentalism, as opposed to behaviorism, in psychology, possibly ...