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The study of the truths and principles of being, knowledge, or conduct.

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Philosophy; Metaphysics

A modern term derived from two Ancient Greek words, ἔνθεος (entheos) and γενέσθαι (genesthai). Entheos means literally "in God", more freely translated "inspired". The Greeks used ...


Philosophy; Metaphysics

The philosophical/theological/esoteric idea that since the mind was given to the human being, it is this original creative impulse, epigenesis, which has been the cause of all of ...


Philosophy; Metaphysics

Knowledge suitable only for the advanced, privileged, or initiated, as opposed to exoteric knowledge, which is public. It is used especially for mystical, occult and spiritual ...


Philosophy; Metaphysics

The belief that God exists and is good. The opposite belief is dystheism.


Philosophy; Metaphysics

In capitalized form, the term God refers to a specific monotheistic concept of a supernatural Supreme Being.

meaning of life

Philosophy; Metaphysics

The supreme philosophical question. The ambiguity of the query is inherent in the word “meaning”, which opens the question to many interpretations, such as: “What is the origin of ...