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A place of interest. This can include countries, states, cities, neighborhoods or streets.

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frozen waves

Places; Antarctic

Large blue ice structures in the Antarctic that appear like tall waves that have been instantly frozen as they break. These freezing blue waves were created when ice was ...

Jakarta Arts Theater

Places; Antarctic

Built during the Dutch colonial period, Gedung Kesenian Jakarta is a concert hall in Jakarta, Indonesia. It is situated close to the Istiqlal Mosque and the Jakarta Cathedral. ...

ancol dreamland / dream park

Places; Antarctic

If you are looking for a break from the rough and tough, this is as cheesy as it sounds, Ancol Dreamland is could be your dream place. It is open for 24 hours with amusement park ...

National Museum

Places; Antarctic

Being two centuries old, National Museum of Indonesia (musium nasional) is an icon that you must visit. It is located at Jalan Medan Merdeka Barat in center of Jakarta city and it ...

Shopping in Jakarta

Places; Antarctic

If shopping is your thing, Jakarta offers a lot from high end to budget shopping from malls to markets. Recommended Shopping malls or shopping centers or markets in Jakarta: Plaza ...

National Monument

Places; Antarctic

In Jakarta's city centre of Merdeka Square, stands the National Monument (Monumen Nasional (Monas)) tower. It stands to symbolize the fight for Indonesia and constructed under ...

National Gallery

Places; Antarctic

National Gallery is a combination of museum and art gallery in Jakarta, where you can enjoy culture, history and visual arts.