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1) Social relations involving authority or power. 2) The art or science of governing.

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spoils system

Politics; Political theory

The assumption that, after successfully winning an election, the political executive is entitled to appoint large numbers of supporters to the bureaucracy.


Politics; Political theory

A self-sufficient group of individuals living together under common rules of conduct.

social justice

Politics; Political theory

The partial equalization of wealth and income to reach a more desirable outcome.

security dilemma

Politics; Political theory

The spiral of preparations and tensions which emerge when the protective actions of one state lead to countermeasures by another state. self-government. The right of members of a ...

separation of powers

Politics; Political theory

The separation of powers between executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government.

shadow cabinet

Politics; Political theory

The cohesive group of specialized critics in the official Opposition party.

single-member-plurality system (SMP)

Politics; Political theory

An electoral system in which the candidate with the most votes wins, even though that win may not represent 51% of the votes.