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The science that deals with the mental and behaviourial characteristics of an individual, community or society.

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Psychology > Behavior analysis

extreme couponing

Psychology; Behavior analysis

A practice by savvy shoppers to go extreme lengths to save with coupons for everything from cleaning products to dining out. Some extreme couponing practice include taking a dive ...


Psychology; Behavior analysis

Thinking is a process of reasoning that is aimed at ascertaining the verity and understanding.

bandwagon effect

Psychology; Behavior analysis

Bandwagon effect is a psychological phenomenon whereby people tend to align their beliefs and behaviors with those of the majority or to adopt the views and attitudes of the side ...


Psychology; Behavior analysis

Intelligence is an ability to think that makes humans superior over all other animals on our planet.


Psychology; Behavior analysis

Cachinnate means to laugh loudly, immoderately, or maniacally.


Psychology; Behavior analysis

Used to describe an individual's personality, lily-livered means cowardly, weak, or lacking in courage. This word is derived from the old belief that the organs of the body ...


Psychology; Behavior analysis

The phenomenon that causes humans to see patterns in random or erratic bits of data. It leads to people thinking that they can hear specific words when songs are played backwards, ...