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The science that deals with the mental and behaviourial characteristics of an individual, community or society.

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memory span

Psychology; Behavior analysis

The number of items that can be remembered after a single presentation, given that they are not coded or rehearsed.

simultaneous conditioning

Psychology; Behavior analysis

The most typical respondent procedure, in which the CS is followed within no more than 5 seconds by the US, is ordinarily called simultaneous conditioning (brief delays were ...

response rate

Psychology; Behavior analysis

The most basic single-subject research design. Also called a reversal design, it is ideally suited to show that an organism's behavior is regulated by specific features of the ...

response products

Psychology; Behavior analysis

The more or less durable environmental effects of responding. May be used to define and measure the response class.

temporal contiguity

Psychology; Behavior analysis

The modification or maintenance of behavior by accidental (also adventitious, incidental, or spurious) relations between responses and reinforcers, as opposed to those either ...

quantitative law of effect

Psychology; Behavior analysis

The matching law suggests that operant behavior is determined by rate of reinforcement for one alternative relative to all other known sources of reinforcement. Even in situations ...


Psychology; Behavior analysis

The magnitude of the stimulus and response has unique importance for the reflex because it is the most important dimension of the reflex. In general, the major effect of reflex ...