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The science that deals with the mental and behaviourial characteristics of an individual, community or society.

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respondent level

Psychology; Behavior analysis

The magnitude of the CR before any conditioning has taken place.


Psychology; Behavior analysis

The lowering of a threshold, as when prior delivery of an aversive stimulus lowers the intensity at which a noise elicits a startle response.

reflexive relation or reflexivity

Psychology; Behavior analysis

the identity relation. See EQUIVALENCE CLASS.

topographical tagging

Psychology; Behavior analysis

The identification of different functional properties of responding by correlating each with a different topography, especially a different spatial location. For example, shock ...

place learning vs. response learning

Psychology; Behavior analysis

The historical issue of whether organisms learned stimuli or movements (e.g., whether a rat in a maze learns a sequence oriented to stimuli outside the maze or just a particular ...

subset of behavior

Psychology; Behavior analysis

The group of simpler response components that may combine to form a more complex behavior.


Psychology; Behavior analysis

The highest and lowest values of a data set.