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Real estate

Of or pertaining to property of land and the buildings on it. This also includes any minerals, crops, or any other natural resource. The business of real estate is the buying, selling, or renting property.

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Real estate; Commercial

An enclosed area for presentation of sports.

first floor

Real estate; Commercial

In the U.S., the floor at ground level in a building.

Gross lease

Real estate; Commercial

A lease that states all of building's operating expenses, taxes, insurance, utilites, and maintenance fees are covered by landlord. It is agreed that the tenant only pays a ...


Real estate; Commercial

An acrynym that stands for Building Owners and Managers Association, an internationally accepted association that promotes clear communication between landlords and tenants. BOMA ...

BOMA standard

Real estate; Commercial

Standard methods of measuring floor space to both maintain a common set of measurements throughout the industry as well as to respond to the growing number and intergration of ...

Usable area

Real estate; Commercial

Area that can be used or occupied, varying over the course of a building's lifetime due to the natural expansion and contraction of building space and corridors. Usable area is ...

Rentable area

Real estate; Commercial

Rentable area is calculated by measuring the entire floor space desired for leasing, minus any vertical penetrations.