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Real estate

Of or pertaining to property of land and the buildings on it. This also includes any minerals, crops, or any other natural resource. The business of real estate is the buying, selling, or renting property.

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Real estate; Corporate

The science of measurement, in general.

cadastral evaluation

Real estate; Corporate

Land classification for valuation purposes.

cadastral land classification

Real estate; Corporate

Determining the type and quality of cadastral parcels for agricultural and forest land within a cadastral commune in relation to cadastral district.

land valuation

Real estate; Corporate

Classification of arable land based on its natural characteristics, regardless of the manner of its use.

real estate cadastre

Real estate; Corporate

Basic and public register of real estate and property rights to them.

real estate

Real estate; Corporate

Land, buildings, separate parts of buildings that make up the whole building.

Balloon mortgage

Real estate; Corporate

Mortgage paid in monthly installments, with unpaid balance due after certain period of time, though this may be extended if specific terms and conditions are met. The period of ...