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Refers to any set of beliefs of any community or nation, concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of life and the universe, especially when considered as the creation of a supernatural or divine agency.

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Religion; Atheism

Optimism is a bias toward advantage or success. An optimist views a half-filled glass of water as "half full."


Religion; Atheism

Ostracism is the somewhat formalized practice of banishment that excludes an individual from a group (such as society or a club) in a manner that implies a strong connotation of ...


Religion; Atheism

Pessimism is a bias toward disadvantage or failure. A pessimist views a half-filled glass of water as "half empty."

political correctness

Religion; Atheism

Political Correctness is an attempt to encourage people to use software language to avoid talking directly about controversial issues. It diminishes clarity in communication ...


Religion; Atheism

Polyandry is a form of polygamy wherein a woman marries more than one man. Not much is known about this styel of polygamy because there doesn't seem to be much, if any, demand ...


Religion; Atheism

Polygamy is a marriage whereby one person has more than one spouse. Aside from the possibility of bi-sexual or homosexual polygamies, there are two specific forms of polygamy ...


Religion; Atheism

Anti-clericalism is a historical or contemporary movement that is opposed to the power and influence of religious institutions in secular, civil affairs.