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Refers to any set of beliefs of any community or nation, concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of life and the universe, especially when considered as the creation of a supernatural or divine agency.

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Religion > Christian theology

Thomism, via Thomae

Religion; Christian theology

The scholastic philosophy associated with Thomas Aquinas.


Religion; Christian theology

The principles underlying the interpretation, or exegesis, of a text, particularly of Scripture.


Religion; Christian theology

An approach to Christianity, especially associated with German writers in the seventeenth century, which places an emphasis upon the personal appropriation of faith, and the need ...

doctrine of justification by faith

Religion; Christian theology

The section of Christian theology dealing with how the individual sinner is able to enter into fellowship with God. The doctrine was to prove to be of major significance at the ...

synoptic gospels

Religion; Christian theology

A term used to refer to the first three gospels (Matthew, Mark, and Luke). The term (derived from the Greek word synopsis, "summary") refers to the way in which the three gospels ...

liberal Protestantism

Religion; Christian theology

A movement, especially associated with nineteenth-century Germany, which stressed the continuity between religion and culture.


Religion; Christian theology

A term used, especially by Rudolf Bultmann (1884-1976) and his followers, to refer to the essential message or proclamation of the New Testament concerning the significance of ...