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Refers to any set of beliefs of any community or nation, concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of life and the universe, especially when considered as the creation of a supernatural or divine agency.

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Religion; General religion

A movement in the 18th century Protestantism which abandoned the idea of Biblical inerrancy and adopted the belief that the Bible can be analyzed as a historical document. Some ...


Religion; General religion

A new religious movement centered among persons of African origin in Jamaica and the U.S. They revere the late Emperor Selassie of Ethiopia (1892-1975), as the Elect of God and ...


Religion; General religion

The celebration of Easter on the fourteenth of Nisan according to the Jewish lunar calendar -- regardless of what day of the week on which it occurred. The Council of Nicea in 325 ...


Religion; General religion

The practice of baptizing an infant. Most conservative Protestant denominations defer baptism until later in life when a person becomes born again.

Pacifism of Islam

Religion; General religion

The belief in Islam that war is an abnormal activity opposed to the will of God. It is sometimes forced on Muslims. When entered into must be limited, humane, and involve minimal ...


Religion; General religion

This is a group of about 100 denominations that trace their spiritual ancestry back to The Church of Jesus Christ which was founded by Joseph Smith in New York state during 1830 ...


Religion; General religion

A belief that Jesus Christ only had a single nature, and that it was divine. This contrasts with Diophysitism and the hypostatic union.