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Refers to any set of beliefs of any community or nation, concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of life and the universe, especially when considered as the creation of a supernatural or divine agency.

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spirit body

Religion; Mormonism

A being formed of refined element, with which a physical body of earthly element. Unites to form a soul. Human spirits are literally children of God.

sons of perdition

Religion; Mormonism

Individuals who have sinned against the Holy Ghost and have thus committed the unpardonable sin.

solemn assemblies

Religion; Mormonism

Special assemblies of priesthood holders, generally held in temples.

single adults

Religion; Mormonism

Adult Church members who are not married.

Social Services

Religion; Mormonism

A separate corporation from the Church (called LDS Social Services) which serves as a resource for meeting special social and emotional needs of Church members.


Religion; Mormonism

An office in the Melchizedek Priesthood, with a special calling to missionary service or to administrative duties. Today all the Seventy are General Authorities.

blessing the sick

Religion; Mormonism

An ordinance in which ill persons are anointed with consecrated olive oil and blessed by Melchizedek Priesthood holders, to the end that healing may take place. (See Anointing. )