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Terms relating to the creation, testing, refinement and distribution of software and related products.

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requirements derivation

Computer; Software engineering

(1) In a hierarchical structure, the next lower level that is associated with a given element. The lower element is said to be derived from the higher element. (2) In system ...

detailed design phase

Computer; Software engineering

The software development lifecycle phase during which the detailed design process takes place, using the software system design and software architecture from the previous phase ...

risk factor

Computer; Software engineering

A potential problem that would be detrimental to a planned activity, project, or program, characterized by the probability of problem occurrence (0 _ p _ 1) and a potential loss ...

optimization analysis

Computer; Software engineering

A form of decision analysis that balances competing components to achieve the best performance. Software’s classic space-time trade-off is an example of optimization; an algorithm ...

software cost-estimation model

Computer; Software engineering

Any one of several quantitative methods of estimating the expected cost (and some times schedule) of a software project. Quantitative techniques are generally based on empirically ...

detailed design description

Computer; Software engineering

A document that describes the exact detailed configuration of a computer program. It identifies the input, output, control logic, algorithms, and data structure of each individual ...

system requirements review (SRR)

Computer; Software engineering

In system engineering, a system milestone review that ascertains the adequacy of the system developer's efforts in defining system requirements. It will be conducted when a ...