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Terms relating to the creation, testing, refinement and distribution of software and related products.

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recovery virtual machine

Software; Virtualization

A placeholder representing a protected virtual machine representing the virtual machines replicated from the protected site.

redo-log file

Software; Virtualization

The file that stores changes made to a disk in all modes except the persistent and independent-persistent modes. For a disk in nonpersistent mode, the redo-log file is deleted ...

remote cloning

Software; Virtualization

Making a copy of a virtual machine or a physical machine accessed over the network by VMware vCenter Converter. See also local cloning.

port group

Software; Virtualization

A construct for configuring virtual network options such as bandwidth limitations and VLAN tagging policies for each member port. Virtual networks that are connected to the same ...

power cycle

Software; Virtualization

The process of disconnecting power from the computer and then adding power again. A power cycle generally has the effect of restarting the system.

preallocated disk

Software; Virtualization

A type of virtual disk in which all disk space for the virtual machine is allocated at the time the disk is created.


Software; Virtualization

The process of creating a functioning virtual machine by assigning resources such as CPU, memory, and virtual hardware and then deploying a system image.