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Of or pertaining to any organized, competitive, entertaining, and skillful activity or game requiring commitment, strategy, and fair play, in which a winner can be defined by objective means within a specified set of rules.

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west coast offense

Sports; Football

An offensive philosophy that uses short, high-percentage passes as the core of a ball-control offense. Widely used but originally made popular by San Francisco 49ers coach Bill ...


Sports; Football

An offensive formation which includes two tight ends, one on either side, plus a full back and running back in an i formation. Sometimes one of the tight ends is shifted next to ...

strong safety

Sports; Football

A player position on defense. This is a central defensive back; originally, the term indicated that he lined up on the strong side of the field. However, the modern usage of the ...

unbalanced line

Sports; Football

Usually refers to an offensive formation which does not have an equal number of linemen on each side of the ball. Done to gain a blocking advantage on one side of the formation; ...


Sports; Football

A defensive formation with 3 linemen and 4 linebackers. A professional derivative in the 1970's of the earlier Oklahoma or "50" defense, which had 5 linemen and 2 linebackers. The ...

offensive team

Sports; Football

The team with possession of the ball.

neutral zone

Sports; Football

The region between the lines of scrimmage.