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Of or pertaining to any organized, competitive, entertaining, and skillful activity or game requiring commitment, strategy, and fair play, in which a winner can be defined by objective means within a specified set of rules.

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Sports > Squash


Sports; Squash

An official who is responsible for assisting the referee. Please see our section on Officials for further explanation.


Sports; Squash

A match is made up of 3 or 5 games and the player to win 2 out of 3 or 3 out of 5 wins the match.


Sports; Squash

When the server needs one final point to win the match.


Sports; Squash

This is a shot that hits right on the place where the floor and wall meet and then the ball loses its momentum and goes dead.

not up

Sports; Squash

This simply means that the ball has not been hit or struck by the rules. Please see Rules of the Game for further explanation.


Sports; Squash

The Marker and the Referee.


Sports; Squash

This happens when the ball hits the out line, or a wall above the out line. Also if the ball hits the ceiling, or any fitting on the ceiling or walls above the out line.