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Of or pertaining to any organized, competitive, entertaining, and skillful activity or game requiring commitment, strategy, and fair play, in which a winner can be defined by objective means within a specified set of rules.

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Sports > Synchronized swimming

artistic impression

Sports; Synchronized swimming

Artistic impression consists of creativity, interpretation, presentation and transitions. A swimmers routine is preformed to music and the four above categories are tied to the ...

assistant referee

Sports; Synchronized swimming

This referee is in charge of checking the placement of the swimmers and to signal when the swimmers program is to begin.


Sports; Synchronized swimming

There are two assistants and their job is to get the scores from the judges and calculate them into a final score.

back crawl

Sports; Synchronized swimming

A swimmer will lie on their back and their head will be raised. Their arms will be moving in clockwise direction and the legs will be raised vertically and they will be doing a ...

back layout

Sports; Synchronized swimming

The swimmers body will be stationary with the swimmer lying on their back with the face, chest, thighs and feet on the surface of the water.

back walkover

Sports; Synchronized swimming

The swimmer starts out lying flat on the surface of the water face up. The swimmer then moves into a back pike position and then the swimmer raises one leg and brings this leg ...

back-pike position

Sports; Synchronized swimming

This is a closed pike position. The swimmers body is bent at the waist. The legs are kept straight and close together and the torso is kept straight. The swimmers head and torso ...