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Of or pertaining to the transmission of information over a distance, and the technology used to achieve this communication.

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Telecommunications; Wireless communication

A system that is used to locate underwater objects such as submarines. Sonar equipment sends out sound waves.

mobile ad hoc network (MANET)

Telecommunications; Wireless communication

A wireless network of mobile devices, which is structureless and self configuring. Within a MANET, each device will act as a router, which can cause difficulties given the ...

ad hoc networks

Telecommunications; Wireless communication

A decentralized type of wireless network, relying on nodes acting as routers to forward data, rather than a set infrastructure.

conflict-free allocation

Telecommunications; Wireless communication

Assigning IP addresses to devices in mobile ad-hoc networks (MANET) which do not conflict. Methods need to be adopted for the conflict-free auto-configuration of IP addresses in ...


Computer; Wireless communication

A wireless, mobile device that combines platform software, a browser, a modern chipset, and a telephone handset.

network connection

Computer; Wireless communication

A link between a user's computer and a group of computers and other devices that enables the user to access printers, servers etc. The link can be through a wire, cable, phone ...