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Of or pertaining to the transmission of information over a distance, and the technology used to achieve this communication.

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Telecommunications; Switchboard

Generally refers to a button on a telephone set which is used to access an extension or feature.

auto attendant

Telecommunications; Switchboard

Specialized automated system which answers incoming calls with a programmed greeting, then gives the caller a menu of choices for further distribution of the call. When the caller ...

authentication code

Telecommunications; Switchboard

A code that is dialed before making a call. Use of an authorization code ensures that only authorized individuals can use the phone system.

call pickup group

Telecommunications; Switchboard

A group of phones able to answer each other's ringing phones when an access code is keyed in.

call transfer

Telecommunications; Switchboard

A feature which is used to send a call to someone else by pressing the transfer key and dialing the number.

call waiting

Telecommunications; Switchboard

A feature that allows the user to be notified by a tone if another call comes in while s/he is already on the phone.

central office

Telecommunications; Switchboard

A telephone switching system operated by the public telephone company to which all residence telephones and business telephone systems within the local service area are connected.