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Of or pertaining to the transmission of information over a distance, and the technology used to achieve this communication.

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frequency division duplexing (FDD)

Telecommunications; Wireless communication

A transmission method that uses separate channels for the uplink and downlink (transmit and receive).

hybrid automatic repeat request (HARQ)

Telecommunications; Wireless communication

A technique that enables faster recovery from errors in cellular networks by storing corrupted packets in the receiving device rather than discarding them. Even if retransmitted ...

home subscriber server (HSS)

Telecommunications; Wireless communication

A central database that contains user-related and subscription-related information. The functions of the HSS include functionalities such as mobility management, call and session ...

long term evolution (LTE)

Telecommunications; Wireless communication

A 4G wireless broadband technology developed by the Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP). LTE provides significantly increased peak data rates, with the potential for 100 ...

packet data network gateway (PDNGW)

Telecommunications; Wireless communication

Node that provides the UE with access to a Packet Data Network (PDN) by assigning an IP address from the PDN to the UE. The PDN Gateway (P-GW) hosts the following functions (see ...

physical resource block (PRB)

Telecommunications; Wireless communication

A set of 7 consecutive OFDM symbols in the time domain and 12 consecutive subcarriers in the frequency domain. A physical resource block contains 84 Resource Elements and ...

radio link control (RLC)

Telecommunications; Wireless communication

A protocol that handles segmentation and windowing of packets. Proper RLC parametrisation may reduce the probability of (end-to-end) TCP retransmissions, which are slow and are ...