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Of or pertaining to the transmission of information over a distance, and the technology used to achieve this communication.

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Telecommunications; Wireless communication

Two consecutive time slots, each of 0.5 ms duration. A subframe represents the LTE scheduling time, which means that at each millisecond the eNode-B decides as to which users are ...


Telecommunications; Wireless communication

A single transmission step with a length of 66.667 microseconds. Several bits can be transmitted per symbol depending on the modulation scheme.

time division duplex (TDD)

Telecommunications; Wireless communication

A transmission method that uses the same channel for the uplink and downlink (transmit and receive), but separates them by time slots. TDD typically is used in conjunction with ...

multiple input multiple output (MIMO)

Telecommunications; Wireless communication

The use of multiple transmitters and receivers (multiple antennas) on wireless devices for improved performance.

mobility management entity (MME)

Telecommunications; Wireless communication

The control node that processes the signaling between the UE and the core network. The protocols running between the UE and the core network are known as the Non Access Stratum ...

orthogonal frequency division multiple access (OFDMA)

Telecommunications; Wireless communication

A variant of OFDM with the additional ability to dynamically assign a subset of subcarriers to individual users. The multiuser capability is achieved by assigning each user a ...

packet data convergence protocol (PDCP)

Telecommunications; Wireless communication

A protocol whose main services and functions include transfer of user data, ciphering and deciphering, header compression and decompression, in-sequence delivery of upper layer ...