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Any item that is either worn or displayed to tell the time.

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repeating alarm

Timepieces; Alarm clocks

This feature is found on some wind-up alarm clocks. It simply means that the alarm will sound for a time, then stop, then sound again, and repeat the process until the spring ...

quartz clock

Timepieces; Alarm clocks

This term is the same as "battery clock". The clock has a battery-operated quartz movement. Battery clocks will make a ticking sound that will vary from clock to clock.

snooze alarm

Timepieces; Alarm clocks

The snooze button may be pushed to silence and alarm for a pre-determined length of time, usually between 5 to 10 minutes. The time varies from clock to clock and may be ...

strobe light

Timepieces; Alarm clocks

High-intensity flashing light.

ascending alarm

Timepieces; Alarm clocks

Alarm which starts off soft and gradually gets louder.

atomic clock

Timepieces; Alarm clocks

The time on these clocks are corrected on a regular basis by a signal from a regional station. In the United States, the signal is transmitted from Fort Collins, Colorado. Clocks ...

battery back-up

Timepieces; Alarm clocks

This is a feature of many electric clocks. When a charged battery is installed, the time and alarm settings will be saved during a power outage. Because of the low battery ...