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Any item that is either worn or displayed to tell the time.

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battery-operated alarm clock

Timepieces; Alarm clocks

This term is the same as "quartz clock". The clock has a battery-operated quartz movement. Battery clocks will make a ticking sound that will vary from clock to clock.

beeping alarm

Timepieces; Alarm clocks

This has an electronic beeping sound.

dual alarms

Timepieces; Alarm clocks

This means that two alarms can be set for one day.  


Timepieces; Alarm clocks

This technology was designed by Equity Time USA. Insta-Set clocks have a miniature battery installed in the circuitry of the clock. When the clock is plugged in, the clock refers ...


Timepieces; Alarm clocks

These clocks typically have an hour hand, minute hand and second hand. There are numeric and marked lines to view the time. Most second hands make a ticking noise, but quiet sweep ...

ascending alarm

Timepieces; Alarm clocks

An alarm that starts out low or normal volume and increases in pitch and volume as the alarm continues to sound.

auto set

Timepieces; Alarm clocks

Also known as Automatic Setting. This clock is set at the factory at the correct time. When the clock is powered up for the first time, just set the time zone and the clock will ...