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Any item that is either worn or displayed to tell the time.

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atomic time

Timepieces; Alarm clocks

A clock that is radio controlled for the U.S. official clock in Boulder Colorado. Just set the time zone and the clock will automatically set the correct time.

battery powered

Timepieces; Alarm clocks

A clock that runs entirely on batteries. No electricity needed. This is ideal for travel or when an electric outlet is unavailable.


Timepieces; Alarm clocks

A clock that has a numeral only display. No hands.

nature sounds

Timepieces; Alarm clocks

Sounds like Ocean Waves, Thunderstorms, Babbling Brook, Birds Singing and many others. These have been proven to help some people relax and fall asleep.

electric clock

Timepieces; Alarm clocks

Plugs into a standard U.S. household outlet. 110v/220W

dual alarm

Timepieces; Alarm clocks

A clock that allows you to set two independent alarms. This is ideal for waking up two people at different times.

large display

Timepieces; Alarm clocks

Usually a digital numerals from .9" to 2.5" in height. Ideal for visually impaired people.