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Breast Milk Baby

Toys; Dolls

Manufactured by Berjuan Toys in Spain, the Breast Milk Baby doll is a toy designed for little girls to play as mommies and to learn nurturing skills needed to raise their own ...

Steve Jobs doll

Toys; Dolls

A highly realistic action figure toy modeled after Steve Jobs and manufactured by China based In Icon. The doll includes one anatomically correct Steve Job head sculpture and two ...

bald Barbie

Toys; Dolls

A hairless Barbie doll created for a four year old girl who lost her hair after treatment for cancer. Barbie may be best-known for her long blonde hair, but the bald doll helps to ...


Toys; Dolls

The name of Barbie was inspired for the daughter owners, Barbara. On March 9, 1959, during the Toy Fair in New York, Mattel introduced its new bet: Barbie. Long legs, marking bust ...


Toys; Dolls

In 1997, Mattel introduces Becky in the market. Becky is the disabled friend in a wheelchair that Barbie has.


Toys; Dolls

Ken born on 1961. In the beginning, Ken head could not turn left and right. Ken's hair was plastic at first, but eventually the company started to add real hair because the ...


Toys; Dolls

Skipper was born in 1964. she is the little sister of the famous doll, Barbie.