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Water bodies

Referring to any significant accumulation of water usually on planet earth but also on other planetary bodies.

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Water bodies > Ponds


Water bodies; Ponds

An underground layer of sand, gravel, or rock that collects water and holds it like a sponge. We get much of the water we use by drilling wells into aquifers.


Water bodies; Ponds

A tank or bowl that is filled with water and used for keeping fish or other aquatic animals and plants.

chemical filters

Water bodies; Ponds

Filters that make use of chemicals to clean water.


Water bodies; Ponds

Debris can be refereed in this context as sand, mud and other sand particles.


Water bodies; Ponds

The process of changing the path of following water.


Water bodies; Ponds

Are freshwater wetlands that have a huge build-up of partially decayed vegetable matter.


Water bodies; Ponds

Large substrate materials that are larger than cobbles.