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Of or pertaining to the state of the atmosphere and/or the science of monitoring, measuring and interpreting meteorological changes.

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Weather; Meteorology

A potentially new type of cloud formation that manifests as a continuous set of rolling waves in the sky. They are very rare but have been appearing more frequently around the ...

coefficient of thermal expansion

Weather; Meteorology

The relative increase of the volume of a system (or substance) with increasing temperature in an isobaric process. In symbols this coefficient is [[File:ams2001glos-Ce23.gif

coefficient of tension

Weather; Meteorology

The relative increase of pressure of a system with increasing temperature in an isochoric process. In symbols this quantity is [[File:ams2001glos-Ce22.gif


Weather; Meteorology

The nanotesler (nT); a measure of geomagnetic field strength. There are 10 9 nanoteslers in a tesler, which is the unit of measure of magnetic field strength in the SI system of ...

Noxon cliff

Weather; Meteorology

Phenomenon found in the upper atmosphere during winter and early spring in which the total column amount of active nitrogen is reduced due to the removal of nitric acid. The ...


Weather; Meteorology

The Greek name for the south wind, sultry and rainy. On the Tower of the Winds in Athens it is represented by a lightly clad young man carrying an inverted jar from which water is ...

Nova Zemlya

Weather; Meteorology

This phenomenon owes its name to an event in 1596 when explorers (in search of the northeast passage) wintering on the island of Nova Zemlya saw a distorted image of the sun two ...