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Metals; Aluminum

Electrostatic spray device whose paint applicator is bell-shaped, atomizing paint off its edge.


Metals; Aluminum

A coating on a metal surface produced by electrochemical treatment through anodic oxidation. This process may be used to increase the protective effect of aluminum's transparent natural oxide ...


Metals; Aluminum

In an extrusion die, the shaped opening through which the heat-softened metal is forced and which gives the extruded product its cross-sectional shape.

architectural finish

Metals; Aluminum

An architectural finish is a standard finish characterized by a uniform appearance. This finish is most often specified for exposed surfaces.

assembly fit

Metals; Aluminum

Refers to two parts designed for mating assembly and requiring exact dimensions and contours to assure a proper fit.

assignable cause

Metals; Aluminum

A factor contributing to variation that is feasible to detect and identify.


Metals; Aluminum

The area of a liner that has an increased inside diameter from nominal, appearing convex (may be caused by a weak container).

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